About Us

Pannonia Arabians | Maryland, USA

The goal of our small breeding program is to produce beautiful, typey, structurally sound and functional Arabian horses capable of both a halter and performance career. In addition to the phenotype, we emphasize the importance of the pedigree, particularly the tail female line.

Memphis NA (Fame VF x Careliss Whisper), PA Al Ghazaleh (Gazal Al Shaqab x Cassandra SS) and PA Matilda (Pogrom x Memphis NA).

Earlier, we leased Cassandra SS (Padron X HK Kamaya) and Argentinna SS (Arius SS x Taki Padrona) from Connie O’Brien.

Memphis’s foals include: PA Magnanimous, the first National Champion son of Magnum Psyche; PA Aida by Al Adeed Al Shaqab, Egyptian Event Junior Champion filly, sold to Israel; pion; PA Gazsi by Gazal Al Shaqab; PA Millenia by Millenium LOA, PA Baskfire by Baskefire; PA Julius Caesar by Jiuliusz de Wiec.

Argentinna’s most famous foal is Ghazalath Al Khalediah by PA Gazsi (born as PA Gizi in our farm and sold to Saudi Arabia), World Reserve Junior Champion filly at the Salon de Chaval, Gold Champion in Menton and Aachen. Argentinna also produced PA Raven by PA Gazsi   who was bred to Prometeusz. The resulting foal (PA Rose) and PA Raven were sold. Argentinna also produced two more foals by PA Gazsi. One was sold to Saudi Arabia the other who became National Champion Sport horse.

Cassandra’s most famous foal is PA Marco by Marwan Al Shaqab sold to Connie O’Brien. Marco is multiple national champion Western and Raining horse.

Currently PA Al Ghazaleh is due in April to Palidor C (Mirage V x MP Cheressa) and PA Matilda is also due in April to Equiborn (QR Marc x Espadrilla).

We also have to young mares. We might breed them this year. PA Giulia (ROL Intencyty x PA Al Ghazaleh) and PA Giada(LA Karat x PA Al Ghazaleh)