Embryos of Memphis NA or Argentinna SS are available from February through April, 2013. Breed these mares to the stallions of your selection or to our stallions (Argentinna SS to PA Gazsi and Memphis NA to LA Karat). The pedigrees and accomplishments of these mares are in the Mares section of our website. Private treaty.

PA Gazsi sired another promising crop of foals

PA Gazsi's second crop so far this year includes 8 fillies and four colts, each very promising. He will have an additional 8 foals this year. Breeders worldwide have expressed their confidence in PA Gazsi's ability to produce. More than 60 breeding have been sold for next year including the US, Brazil, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. At only five years of age, he has produced consistent high quality and type in mares with a wide variety in phenotype and pedigree. PA Gazsi produces beautiful dishy, refined heads, well-set necks, long legs, short bodies, and strong, airy motion.

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PA Arabians Launches New Website

Welcome to the new PA Arabians website! Please take a look around and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.